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For its 50th anniversary, Honda decided to bring to market a car based on the prototype SSM first shown in autoshows in 1995.

The car is now (finally) a reality and it seems that Honda lived up to the expectations, with the most powerful naturally aspired engine on production today (Honda announces 120+hp per liter). All this while complying to the strongest emission regulations (California's LEV, Euro 2000 and Japanese)

The body, although open is highly rigid and complies with Honda's strict crash test specifications (both front and semi-side impacts), which exceed all current legal regulations.

The S2000 is expected to be available in spring time for Japanese market, mid summer in Australia, USA and Europe. There will be 2000 S2000 imported for the autumn 99-spring 2000 (hey sorry, I am not repeating myself) period in Europe.

Honda S2000
Length 4,115mm
Width 1,750mm
Height 1,285mm
Wheel Base 2,400mm
Weight ~1,200kg (50:50 ratio)
Motor Type 2.0 liter inline 4 VTEC
Max. output 180kW@8300rpm
Torque 204Nm@7500rpm
Gearbox short ratio 6 speed manual
Transmission Rear wheels
0-100kph ~6.0s
Max speed 250kph
  55kCHF (=~35kEuro)
If you look at performance figures, there are not so many cars that could compete with the Honda.

The first that comes to the mind is the BMW Z3, then we could also name the Mercedes SLK and eventually the Porsche Boxter.

None of those offers the same performance, Porsche being the closest with the upcoming (September '99?) Boxter Type S, which should develop 245hp. But all those competitors come at a hefty price (a comparably loaded Boxter is ~75kCHF -and that's not a S yet- while a Z3 is 100hp less for the same price!)

More than 100 pictures in the gallery!

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